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SalesFunnelProviding solutions to your members needs is an essential part of your sales strategy, but how do you know if your sales efforts are increasing your bottom line?

Unpuzzle has developed and implemented a structured sales program that allows Management and Boards to track their sales efforts from leads, through to opportunities and sales.

Unpuzzle’s sales funnel gives you a clear insight into the different stages of a sale and tracks and measures every lead all the way past the sale. Tracking is essential to any sales program as it can identify where there are opportunities for improvements in the process.

Using no new software, this program enhances your existing banking program to ensure your business is taking advantage of every opportunity.

Interested in finding out more about Unpuzzle’s sales program? Contact James today on 0425 861 729.

Unpuzzle means to create a solution through patient effort. Knowing the behaviors of Customers or Members through their data interactions enables you to develop highly relevant relationships. With over 18 years experience and education in Marketing and a natural interest in finding 'the solution' - James is passionate about database marketing through online and offline channels and how that can help you achieve your business goals.

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