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Credit Unions and Mutual Banks have access to a powerful business tool through their banking system called Reporting Database. Powered by SQL, this feature software can be developed to provide you any number of insights into your business. Everything you need to know about your members is located in this system with great accuracy as the data is relevant to close of business the previous day.

Examples of reports:

Event Reports:

Do you use events in your business? You can setup and report on events to track and measure different departments, branches or operative environments. Below are examples how building different events and reporting on them can show trends within your business and assist with things such as forecasting, budgeting and even resourcing.

Nett_Movement_ReportMember Contact


Static Data Reports:

There is valuable information available from the database including specific information relating to your clients or Members. Using static data such as age, address and tenure, you can start to profile different segments within your business.




Unlock the power of Reporting Database for Marketing, Management Reporting, Board Reporting, Human Resources, Financial Accounting and much more.

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