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Measuring the satisfaction of your customer is an essential part of marketing. It costs your business far more to acquire a new customer, than it does to retain one. Research is an essential part of measuring customer satisfaction, as feedback directly from your customer helps guide your business.

Do you currently measure the satisfaction of your customers? And if so, how often do you do it?

It is essential that you undertake regular marketing research to guide your business on the experience your customers are receiving. Excellent customer service is often displayed in the “strengths” column of your business plan, but where would your customer place it?

The voice of your customer helps you improve.

Research can be an expensive exercise for most businesses and is often done infrequently to smooth the cost over a number of budget periods. The challenge with this is you are taking a sample from a point in time and measuring it against a period where significant shifts in your business and your audience may have occurred.

Regular research, or monitoring enables greater agility for your business and provides a closer look at how your strategy is impacting the customer.

Member Health Monitor:

Member-Heal-Monitor-Logo Our Member Health Monitor is a 20 question response program designed to monitor the satisfaction of your customers and members monthly. Using Unpuzzle’s key marketing segments, the Member Health Monitor provides your Board and Management Team with a comprehensive understanding of how your business is performing in the eyes of your customer.

We break down the questions of the monitor to allow for comparison within the industry, with 15 of the questions aimed at common areas of each business. Then dedicating the remaining questions to the specific needs of your business and strategic goals.

The Member Health monitor is an online solution for any service based business that is looking for a comprehensive way of tracking and monitoring the health of their customer.

Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from the Member Health Monitor.