Marketing Plans Toggle

Your business is four steps away from creating marketing success.

Step One:

We get to know your business and the market you are in. We are looking for your challenges and want to know your goals and aspirations. We want to know who your major competitors are and how your business is different. What does your business sell or provide, how are you making money. Where are your outlets, shops, training facilities, branches, how are you taking what you offer to market. Are you a price leader, or do you simply match what the rest of the market is offering.

Step Two:

Now we start talking strategy. We dive deeper into your business and start to look into the future. We run through a series of questions that help you define your goals and objectives. We start to build targets around these objectives and performance measures. We are now looking to build your road map.

Step Three:

We start to define your strategy and build your marketing plan. Using the principles of marketing we develop a comprehensive document that outlines your current environment and looks into the future to where you would like to be. It defines the steps your business needs to take to achieve your goals and objectives and outlines a budget to execute it. We suggest the most appropriate promotional strategies across all platforms and schedule your promotional activity for the period.

Step Four:

We help you implement the agreed strategy to your agreed budget. Our service has just begun as we commence your promotional activity and manage your ongoing strategy. We provide comprehensive reporting on the success of each campaign and continuously suggest improvements. We review your strategy each quarter to ensure that your goals are on track and your objectives are being met.

If you are like our existing clients and are looking for assistance in developing your marketing plan, then please contact Unpuzzle Marketing Consultants for a proposal today.