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How social media got hundreds to the mogo zoo.

Unpuzzle Marketing Consultants recently helped Batemans Bay Play group with their National Playgroup Day event held at the Mogo Zoo by supporting and promoting the event to the local Batemans Bay and Eurobodalla community. Having won a grant from Playgroup NSW, Batemans Bay Playgroup wanted to host an event that would promote Playgroups in the region and bring families within the community closer together.

With an extremely limited budget and little to no resources to promote the event, we decided the best way to get people to come along was to use social media and digital marketing to spread the word and build the event. Developing a brand to promote the day was the first step as we knew that if we wanted the community to take the event seriously, they needed to be able to relate to the brand quickly.


‘A Day at the Zoo’ was born and marketing support materials were quickly developed. Knowing who was interested was essential to the organisers, so Unpuzzle developed a data capture page that enabled families to register to the event. We quickly started promoting the event through local social media channels, local newspapers, local radio and within hours of the launch,  hundreds of people had registered to attend the day which guided the expectations of our client.

A Day at the Zoo was held on the 11th of March and expectations were exceeded for this inaugural event as over a thousand people registered to attend. Social media quickly and cost effectively built the audience for the event and digital channels such as electronic mail and websites enabled the organisers to communicate key information along the way.

Using social media in your business is essential in today’s  digital environment. If you don’t have a Facebook page, a Twitter Account or Instagram followers then you could be missing out on communicating to potential and existing customers. Congratulations to Mogo Zoo, Playgroup Batemans Bay and all the organisers for bringing the community together for what was an amazing event. See you all next year.

If your business needs help building a social media presence, contact one of our Consultants today to find out how Unpuzzle can help your business reach thousand of new customers through social media.

Unpuzzle means to create a solution through patient effort. Knowing the behaviors of Customers or Members through their data interactions enables you to develop highly relevant relationships. With over 18 years experience and education in Marketing and a natural interest in finding 'the solution' - James is passionate about database marketing through online and offline channels and how that can help you achieve your business goals.

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